Virtual Finance Director

Strategic, commercial and operational Finance Director support tailored to suit your business needs

Why this service?

Finance should be a fully integrated part of the business, providing all the information and support required to aid the business in its endeavours, and at the helm of the finance department is the Finance Director, steering the ship.

A Finance Director is a valuable resource in any business, they support the business with everything from growth, to qualifying decisions, to taking advantage of opportunities and navigating risks.  

Who is it for?

This service is best for businesses that want access to this high quality resource for the portion of time your business needs them, for a fraction of the cost of employing a full time Finance Director. 

This service gives you access to your Virtual Finance Director that knows you, your business, how you operate and what your goals are, so they can support you in the best possible way to achieve those goals.

How does it work?

This service is tailored to the individual business’s needs, goals and direction, meaning the solution is entirely bespoke to your business.  This means every business receives our Premium service, so you get the best Finance Director support possible.

We start with a Discovery Call to assess your needs, followed by a Strategy Meeting to layout how we can best support you, your business and accounting needs, then we go from there.

What else?

Your Virtual Finance Director is our Practice Director, Marie Ellis.  Prior to setting up Elite Accounting, Marie was a Finance Director in an SME business.

Marie is a Fellow with the ACCA, and has also worked as Financial Controller in SME businesses, as well as a Finance Business Partner in SME and corporate businesses.